India Day 2011 Charity: Apne Aap

Sacramento India Day committee supports one Indian charity every year. In year 2011, we have selected "Apne Aap" ( http://apneaap.org/ )as the supporting charity 

Apne Aap's mission:
To end sex-trafficking of women and children

Apne Aap (Hindi for “self-help”) works to empower the women and children of India’s red-light districts to escape sex trafficking. By providing them with education, healthcare and job skills, we are breaking the cycle of poverty and discrimination that forces women into prostitution.
We recognize that buying sex is a societal problem, and work with governments worldwide to end the stigmatization of those trapped in prostitution and criminalize those who exploit them                                                                                           .

  • To support community-based initiatives of those trapped by the sex-industry.
  • Mitigate the circumstances of those caught in prostitution.
  • Develop leadership among the affected to end sex-trafficking.
  • Prevent inter-generational prostitution.
  • Build linkages between grassroots activism and policy makers on issues related to ending-sex-trafficking.
  • Create awareness in society regarding discrimination against women and girls, particularly on issues related to sex-trafficking, prostitution, sex, sexuality and violence against women and girls.

How can you help?
The donation is tax deductible.  If you like to give cash, you can put the cash in the donation box located near the front desk or fill out a pledge form.
Checks should be payable to "CTS" with a memo “India Day Charity-2011”.
Check Mailing address: Satheesh Nagaraj (India Day 2011 Charity committee Lead), 2138 Ranch View Dr, Rocklin, CA, 95765.

India Day charity committee contact info:
Satheesh Nagaraj   916 580 5322    kss.satheesh@gmail.com
Rajiv Pathak            530 903 9603    rspathakmd@gmail.com
Shashi Katiyar         916 220 8902    shashisan@yahoo.com

*** Please donate generously ***