India Day 2012 Charity: Akshaya Foundation

Sacramento India Day committee supports one Indian charity every year. In year 2012, we have selected "Akshaya Trust, USA"(www.akshayatrust.org )as the supporting charity 

Akshaya Trust's mission:
Committed to the care of the helpless, forsaken, mentally ill, old, sick, roadside destitute living and dying on the streets of Madurai by providing healthy food, love, and opportunity to rehabilitate, thereby restoring human dignity.

A Worthy Cause
Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust was established as a charitable organization supporting the needy in Madurai, India in 2002. Utilizing his own personal savings, Narayanan Krishnan fed around 30 people. In 2003, he began to serve feshly-cooked meals, and has since served over 1.7 million meals as of August 2011.
Expanding the visibility to a much larger audience, in 2010, Akshaya USA was founded to support Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust. In addition to supporting the feeding of the hungry and starving on the streets of Madurai, Akshaya USA gives support to people with a variety of needs, such as the sick, mentally ill, helpless homeless, elderly, disabled, victims of rape or violence, those filthy or in need of medical care and those deserted by families or left dying on the street.


  • Akshaya is committed to helping the helpless, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill and destitute in Madurai, India by providing healthy food, care, and opportunity to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.

    How can you help?
    The donation is tax deductible. If you like to give cash, you can put the cash in the donation box located near the front desk or fill out a pledge form.
    Checks should be payable to "KSS" with a memo “India Day Charity-2012”.

    Check Mailing address: Vijay Bhaskar Jonnalagadda (India Day 2012 Lead), 1737, Langholm Way, Folsom, CA, 95630.

    India Day charity committee contact info:
    Anand Meher: (916)397-3824  anandmeher@hotmail.com