India Day 2013 Charity: Goonj - Rahat

Sacramento India Day committee supports one Indian charity every year. In year 2013, we have selected "Goonj" ( http://Goonj.org/ ) as the supporting charity 

As you are all aware that there has been extensive devastation and destruction due to cloud burst and floods in the State of Uttarakhand. At this moment the people in Uttarakhand need our support and assistance to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them. To give the enormity of the situation, many people are still missing with no clues about their whereabouts. In times of such tragedies, our community have always shown the concern and generosity. We call upon each one of you to extend your hand as individuals, to help the disaster victims. Your support will make a positive difference to those who need it in this hour of crisis.
In order to help the people at Uttarakhand, we have selected to Goonj Rahat as our Charity.

Goonj's Vision:
Making clothing a matter of concern as a basic need.

Goonj's Mission:
Re-positioning cloth and other underutilized material, beyond charity, adding dignity and turning it into a big resource for development. Spreading the idea beyond geographical boundaries so that world over people think of clothing as a basic need and a subject to work on.


  • Spread awareness about the concept at a level so that anytime an urban household thinks of disposing off reusable material it should have a channel to reach it to the most needy.

    Uttrakhand flood impact video A short video on Goonj

    How can you help?
    The donation is tax deductible. If you like to give cash, you can put the cash in the donation box located near the front desk during INdia Day event or fill out a pledge form.

    Checks should be payable to " " with a memo “India Day Charity-2013”.

    Check Mailing address: Chalam YK(India Day 2013 Charity committee Lead), 1755 Abbeyfeale ct, Folsom, CA

    *** Please donate generously ***

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