President's Message

I am humbled by the confidence that the board has placed in me by entrusting me the position of President IAS for the year 2019. I would like to thank the nomination committee as well as my fellow members for giving me this opportunity to serve as president of the Indian Association of Sacramento.

I feel proud to take over the reins of an organization that over the years established a name for itself within the educational, charitable and political spheres of Sacramento. The strength of a building is known by its strong Foundation. IAS is fortunate to have a strong foundation made by its founding members. Tweleve years ago a handful of members sow the seed of this esteemed organization and today it has grown to be the biggest chapter in Sacramento.

During the next one year I promise to work closely with the executive committee and the board to achieve the goals and objectives set by our past presidents and founding fathers. I will try to arrange at least one monthly meeting with the members and chose topics that are of helpful to improve our organization.

I promise to work with our executive committee to get actively involved in the activities of IAS. I will work closely with other non-profit organizations to help the community at large and getting involved in the main stream America.

Dr. Bhavin Parikh